Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Dreaming and Very Little Else

I know that during this Blogging Challenge that I have undertaken this month, my blogging has been very focussed on that topic with very little mention of the country estate and the happenings out there.

Well, truth be told, not too much has been happening there recently, between family, vacations, and other stuff, the move to the country estate is in limbo. I vowed I was going to hang 10 pictures last weekend, and only did two.  It's hard to decide what to put where, and putting holes in our newly painted walls is psychologically damaging!!  However, I did get these two done and that's one end of the hall finished - yay!

Two pics down, 900 to go!

What I have been doing is planning the garden, pouring over Seed catalogues and websites, doing some layouts in my mind.  It's got me itching for spring to start planting, but meanwhile we are eating lettuce from the covered raised bed now.  Although only a few of the seeds germinated right away, I see that a few more have suddenly spring to life, so I am curious now as to how long we will be able to enjoy this little luxury before a hard frost does them in. 

I have also been planning to re-purpose some of the unique items that were left for us by the previous owners.  One is a chair made of horseshoes!  I am going to spray paint it a cool colour (to be determined) and put it in the garden area.
 The horseshoe chair will be painted and displayed in the garden like this!

There is also a very rickety old wrought iron and wooden bench overlooking the pond, that would be hazardous to sit on in it's present state.  So I am going to turn it into a funky planter box.


 I am going to style my planter bench after this planter chair concept

Also earmarked as a planter is the old bathtub used as a watering trough for the horses of the previous owner.  With a fresh coat of paint, it will be a fabulous planter for some annuals to add a pop of colour to the place.
The bathtub planter idea

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