Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Drink Water Challenge

This really is a challenge for me, I know I should drink water, and I guiltily drink a whole bunch on Tuesday afternoons when I know I am going to choir later (although at last night's practice I heard that drinking water doesn't lubricate your vocal folds), but often I drink tea or coffee. 

Because it was a cold day here in North Vancouver I chose to drink mostly hot water today, and it was really nice!  I could drink as much as I wanted without getting a burning stomach, which happens with coffee (that's when I would switch to tea, normally!)  And, funnily I had to keep refilling my mug because I kept drinking it all!  And since I didn't really notice an increase in trips to the bathroom, I suppose I usually am quite dehydrated.

I also noticed I wasn't cruising the lunchroom for nibbles every time I went by. 

Just prior to writing this I was practicing my music and drank practically my entire water bottle down, and I will have another at the pool tonight.

I read somewhere today that 45% of our actions are habitual.  So if it's my habit to not drink water, suppose I need to work on changing it!

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