Friday, 6 December 2013

Whoo!! What a Week!

It Friday!  And so ends my week of putting out fires.  Two suppliers shipped wrong items, both internationally of course, requiring flurries of emails, phone calls and oh so much paperwork!

 Mail ordered  clothes received were sent in the wrong sizes and had to be returned.  Mail ordered boots previously returned for credit, were sent back to me repaired (badly),   meaning  more emails and paperwork.   But… on the bright side this week I did receive my free pair of boots on Wednesday which were replacements for the defective ones I just got back!  Now I have two pairs, but one will be going back for sure.

And a hippie couple came in with their kayak, all the way from Lasquiti Island, with a fit issue on a sprayskirt we made for them almost two years ago.  So we  got the skirt sorted out, they bought a second one, we stored their kayak overnight so they wouldn’t have to drive around Vancouver with it on top of their van (nope, not the VW you are picturing right now!) and they have now gone back to their life off the grid with big smiles on their faces.

 All’s well that ends well, as they say!  

Our first Christmas on the country estate is fast approaching!  Somehow, it’s not as I pictured it.  Since we are still spending most of our time working in the city,  the country estate still seems to me more like a holiday destination than actually home.   Chuckles would disagree.  To him, the country estate is a place where we go and work from morning until night without ever getting a paycheck!

Tomorrow I plan to pull out the Christmas decoration boxes and spread a few bits and pieces around the house.  First, I have to FIND the Christmas boxes.    I am pretty sure they made it into the crawlspace.  That means that I have to go into the crawlspace.  Ewwww…

Then I think we will put up lights on some of the outside trees.  I picture this task completed with mugs of steaming hot chocolate in our hands and pretty red scarves ‘round our necks –  as we smile happily at each other with flashes of our brilliantly white teeth – something right out of a GAP commercial.  The reality will be more like cursing at each other as we attempt to untangle balls of light strings as my hands freeze off due to the Raynaud’s Syndrome.
WHATEVER!  We are going to do this Christmassy stuff even if it KILLS US!

And once the lights are up and the decorations are out, I hope to make some faux gingerbread houses with my little gal pal Heidi.  She found this idea in a school library book last year and we vowed to do it this year, so I am crossing my fingers that she is free this weekend sometime.




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