Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Day 19 Blog Challenge What is the Tone of your Self-Talk?

Mindful communication

Wow, it's got to be beyond coincidental how frequently during this blog challenge that a topic comes up that I touched on in my blog about a previous challenge!

Just Sunday I referenced my inner-voice and how harsh and critical it usually is.  I have been working over the past several years to tune it out, or at least to feed myself some positive praise and encouragement, and Sunday's challenge of coming up with 3 things I am doing well really helped me to see that it's important every day to remind myself of all the good things I have and do.  Inner voice be damned!

The analogy made in the explanation of this topic was very helpful for me.  Pretend that I and my inner voice are friends.  How would I feel if a friend spoke to me that way?  How long would they be my friend?  Would I speak to a friend that way?  Of course not, it is hurtful and detrimental.  Instead of building up, negative self-talk tears down. 

Daily, especially when life is presenting lots of challenging situations, I will make a point of reminding myself of the good stuff.

Our epic move to the country estate has become a bit bogged down of late.  Between vacation time, family visits, and life in general, the forward momentum of the progress has really slowed, and both Chuckles and I have been feeling down over this.  So, the coping skills presented in this challenge are so useful in putting this into perspective.  Instead of being down on ourselves for what we haven't done: "We have so much left to do.  We are not making progress. "  This can be reframed as  "Look at how much we have done already!" " We knew this was going to be a long haul." " There is no best-before date on this project, it can take as long as it takes."

  In fact, this blog really is a documentation of our big change of lifestyle and the process of getting there.  As with life, it's all about the journey, not the destination.

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