Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Crazy Day - Day 13 of the Blog Challenge - Emotions

What a day!

Aside from the fact that my back has decided it didn't like the weekend's selection of beds and car rides one bit and I have therefore been lopsided and in pain myself  for two days, Chuckles ended up at the hospital with a hugely swollen hand and arm and so did my sister's husband with complications following his recent surgery. 

Talk about emotions!

The whole gamut from fear and anger to worry and relief have been mine today. 

The challenge for today is to really feel your emotions, let them live in your body, without your attempt to ignore, replace or quell them.  Feel them, and then feel them go once they have been processed.

Not completely easy while at work, answering calls ("is this one going to give me some news of my loved ones?"), and dealing with the public. 

I have been close to tears, then calm, then agitated.  Worried then at peace. Trying not to let my imagination rule with it's habit of tossing about worst-case-scenarios.  Feeling each emotion while going about my business.  Feeling the pain in my back worsen as no news came forth, then it ebbed as the positive news was relayed.

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