Tuesday, 14 January 2014

First Post of 2014

Here we are half way through January and now I get around to saying Happy New Year to you!  Did you make any resolutions for 2014?

I gave up on resolutions several years ago, and surprisingly that is when meaningful changes began happening in my life.  Somehow those resolutions I used to make seemed to set me up for failure - an all or nothing scenario, whereas thoughtful small changes worked at over time have added up to some big differences. 

So, rather than quitting or starting something at the stroke of midnight on Dec 31st, I have been ruminating on some new things for myself for the future and have begun the small shifts.  We shall see in time where they lead!

Progress, albeit slow, has begun on the storage shed at the country estate.  Chuckles suffered with a hand injury through November than prevented him from doing very much, then it was Christmas with all the busyness that brings.  During the last several days of the Christmas break he was able to make a big push on the shed.  Last weekend's stormy weather precluded any more progress except tarping the structure so it didn't become waterlogged.  Fingers crossed that this coming weekend brings better weather.  If only he could go out and work on it mid week, but he has too much work to do in town to take the time for that.

This shed will accommodate all the stuff currently stored in the barn, which then will undergo a transformation from barn to workshop. 

Early in December I made a bit of headway with the built in cabinets in the room that will be our office.  I have removed all the glass, drawers and shelves, removed the tracks that the glass ran on, and sanded everything down.  Now I need to get a piece of wood to fill the groove the track was laid in, and do some filling and more sanding before they are ready for paint. 


The lower pic is the full size hutch which we will finish to model after the pic below:
The corner cabinets will be painted to match, although somewhere down the road I hope to do something like this:

All in good time!
Meanwhile we are dog sitting for the next two weeks for my cousins who have gone to Mexico.
Leo is a Duck Toller, and is very attached to his family.  Here he is just an hour after they left looking out the window for them to return!
He has settled in now and we are having fun together.  I know the two weeks are going to fly by!


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