Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Soups On

I have been working on a meditation practice.  Just to sit quietly for 15 minutes is hard work, never mind the part about keeping your mind focused inward and pushing away unwanted thoughts.  Most days it feels like the longest 15 minutes of my life, but recently I think I might have felt a glimmer of something.  I think,  I hope?  Who knows, but I'm persisting.

Leo-the-duck-tolling-retriever is still with us, and he has completely embraced the morning meditation practice.  We have established a routine so he now knows that once our walk at the park is over, we go upstairs and meditate.   He charges up the stairs and claims his spot on the floor!  His meditation ends in a long nap. He is deeply stretching and opening one eye to look at me with a “what?  It’s already over?”  look on his face right now. 
The past week has been busy here at work.  It makes the week go by quickly when that's the case, but it's nice to have a quiet day like today has shaped up to be, to catch up on things.   With the filing done and all the books up to date again,  I have started a big pot of red lentil and barley soup in the slow cooker with a huge dollop of Tom Yum soup paste in it for heat and flavor.  It's smelling so good that even though I just finished a tuna wrap, I feel like having a bowl. 

Chuckles has just returned from delivering 10 boxes we are sending to a customer in Norway then picking up more lumber for the storage shed project.  He is going to pre-paint it here at the shop so it's ready to go up on the weekend.

As well as catching my blog up, I have been reading up on a couple that I follow and one of those led me to a new know how it goes in computer-land, each click takes you deeper until hours have passed by.  I am amazed and inspired how many people write daily and make the most mundane of experiences a good read.  It's a combination of their perception and observation skills with a way with words.  Anyway, something to strive for.




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