Thursday, 20 March 2014

Happy Days

Chuck and Bogey at a recent impromptu wiener roast

Bogey has brought light and de-light into our lives.

It has almost been a month since he joined our nomadic tribe (I guess we are a pack now) and he enjoys, learns and thrives each day.

Last night he met a new friend Wags and they played and romped together for an hour or more as my friend and I walked and talked.  He was so tired from that escapade that this morning he needed to be prodded out of bed for his morning walk.

Today after lunch a friend with her dog came by and the two dogs wrestled and tussled to their hearts content as we humans chatted. 

Bogey with yet another stick!
People tell Bogey that he is lucky to have been adopted by us.  But really, we are the lucky ones!

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