Monday, 3 March 2014

Bogey Arrives

Bogey came into our life on Saturday Feb 22nd, along with the start of a snowstorm, just so we don't forget the very beginning with him, I think!

The shelter phoned Saturday morning to tell us we were the "chosen ones" -  he received lots of applications for adoption.  We jumped in the car and went and got him right away, before they could change their minds.

We spent most of the weekend getting to know him.  He is tall and gangly, still a playful puppy, with beautiful brown eyes and a dark nose.  We discovered a real kink in his tail, which doesn't show, and doesn't hurt him, but it seems as if it may have been broken in the past.  Poor boy!

He enjoyed the snow which was thick on the ground and in the trees at the country estate.  We went to friends for dinner Saturday and Bogey and their puppy played in the snow for what seemed like hours.  Perhaps that's why he slept very well, getting up with us at 4 to watch Canada win Olympic Gold in hockey!


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