Monday, 3 March 2014

Planes and Stars

Time seems to disappear.  I just uploaded the last blog entry, which sat as a draft for a week.  Busy with Bogey, with work...with life!

Bogey is settling in.  We are working on a few things, his response to "come" varies from rushing to you excitedly to pointedly ignoring you if there is something better going on.  That is the first and foremost command to solidify.

He has anxiety about the car too.  We think the broken tail might be related to an unfortunate mishap with a car door...

I firmly believe that patience, consistency and cheddar cheese will overcome these things.

Just now, as he slept beside me, his tail wagged and his feet scraped along the carpet - running after some imaginary squirrel as he dreamed.  This is the first time I have seen him do it.  Hopefully it means he is acquiring some happy things to dream about.

On Friday night we had a bonfire.  Bogey was trying to catch the sparks as they flew away - after catching two, he still chased them but stopped snapping them up.  Too hot on the tongue I suppose.

He was fascinated by planes flying over, by the stars in the sky. He tried pulling half burnt sticks out of the fire.  He has not had much experience in the great outdoors it seems, but he learns quickly.

Chuckles has almost finished the shed. 

I have almost finished the cabinets. 


Two days a week is not enough time to make a dent in all we have to do, and we felt very overwhelmed by it all this weekend.

The furnace was not working (again) and rather than trying to figure it out, we just left it.  The house is heated very nicely by the two gas fireplaces.  Add fix the furnace to the To Do list.

I cooked up a storm on Saturday, spaghetti sauce, venison-vegetable soup, Bogey's food and grouse breasts with mushroom sauce.  Working at the island all day left my back with a huge kink in it.  Add raising the island countertop to the To Do list!

More snow on Sunday morning, too.  Bogey seemed happy about that....

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