Thursday, 3 April 2014


Spring.  It's here.  Or is it?

At the country estate there are signs of spring - blossoms, buds and blooms.  The grass is greening up and almost needs to be mowed.

Bulbs up in the driveway garden

But the weekend weather hasn't been super co-operative so far!  It seems we have mid-week sunshine and rainy days on the weekends.
The raised bed gardens have daffodils, garlic, peas and lettuce all up now.

We are doing what we can, but building and mowing and pretty much everything "outside" is a lot less pleasant and even impossible when it continues to downpour.

Last weekend, between and during torrential rain, I dug up one small section of my garden area and planted peas, two types of lettuce, onion sets and parsnips from seed.  Not sure the parsnips or any other root veggies are going to do well for a year or two, as the soil has so much clay in it.  It has now got a lot of well rotted horse manure added into this section.  Below, my muddy buddy Bogey, who thought he was very helpful digging alongside me...

Fingers crossed that the weather changes soon - the forecast for this weekend is changing to sun on Sunday and then staying sunny for 4 or 5 days - not that we will get anything done at the country estate after Sunday as we are busy working in the city still.

When we aren't working we are completely wrapped up with Bogey.   We are still juggling to fit in all the walks and training with our swimming schedule (swimming is suffering!).  His manners have improved so much, he jumps into the vehicles now (well, he still needs SOME coaxing!) and he doesn't jump on people so much.  The best part is that he suddenly realizes that his place is with us, and he no longer needs to be tied up, he stays outside the back door on his bed in the sunshine, or follows us around the shop while we work.  He is such a love - so affectionate and cuddly.

Bogey on the beach at the doggy park near work

He has made all kinds of friends in our work neighborhood, so people are always dropping by to visit him, from the handicapped clients across the back alley, to the girl that works at the daycare kitchen next door to the couple who own the pots place down the lane.  Bogey has a busy social life!







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