Monday, 17 February 2014

Cabin - et Fever

It has been cabinet finishing time lately. 

You might not remember the built in cabinets in what was the dining room of the country estate house.  They were butt ugly.  Seriously.  Unfortunately the flooring was installed right up to them but not under them, making removing them somewhat of an inconvenience. 
Okay, no one could argue that these are attractive.  Definitely '70's looking.

This room is going to be our home office, so the two corner units will be able to house books and files.  The big built in leads right into our dining area, so once it is finished, I will sell or repurpose the dining cabinet we have been using and move all the contents into this one.

This project has started and stalled many times.  Before Christmas I got rid of the sliding glass doors and the tracks, and sanded off all the residual glue from the tracks.  Then nothing happened for some time.

A few weeks ago I removed all the hardware, doors and drawers and sanded everything down.  We took the drawers into work with us and used some evening time to paint them there.

Here are the drawers on the workbench being painted.

This weekend we finished the filling and sanding, and I painted the cabinets while Chuckles made a new shelf for each.  In some of these pics you can see the new shelves sitting out front with white primer on them, they are still needing to be painted with the colour which is Monashee Mountains by Sico. 

Above, the big cabinet with the cutting of the new colour.  Below, with the first coat of new colour on.

Above, one of the corner cabinets with the cutting in done, below, with the first coat of colour on.

Below, all the cabinet doors needed one final coat, here they are laid out on floor.

I admit that part of my hesitation in moving the project forward was our colour choice.  I have had the swatch for ages and kept on holding it up to the cabinets and trying to picture them that colour.  Problem is, I am not good at "picturing".  We chose this colour because we wanted them to be darker, and this colour really picks up colour in the backsplash kitchen tiles as well as the living room carpets, so it seemed like a good colour in this transitional space.  But, it's so hard to know for sure until you do the painting, and then, if you don't like it...?

Luckily we both like it a lot!  I think it's going to look fantabulous when it's done.  And the hardware I chose is really pretty too. It's brushed copper, really cool.

The new hardware in package, I should have photo's someplace beside the counter top, which has a busy pattern.  Oh well, you get the idea!

 I like it much better than the hardware that's in the kitchen..oh no, does that mean another project?

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