Wednesday, 19 February 2014

A Poem for Mom

I have a daily phone conversation with my parents.  Lately their health has  featured in the conversations often.  At 89 Dad decided to have his few remaining teeth extracted and plates put in.  That was almost 2 weeks ago now and he seems to be improving. 
Mom has been waiting for surgery for carpal tunnel for ages and ages.  She is usually unable to sleep in bed because of the pain, so her nights and days are spent in her recliner in the living room.  If you ask, she says she's fine.  She is not fine, she is in agony and uncomfortable all the time.  I know she had a bad night last night because she was asleep when I phoned this morning.  Sitting here, thinking about them, I wrote this little piece about mom.
I send my dad emails often and he gets a lot of pleasure from receiving them (I think he does, anyway!).  Since mom doesn't use the computer, I sent this to Dad and asked him to print it out and give it to Mom.  Just to brighten her day.
My Mother is Many Things to Me

My mother is strong                                My mother is resilient
My mother is intelligent                         My mother is soft
My mother smells nice                          My mother is funny
My mother is beautiful                         My mother is thoughtful
My mother is gentle                              My mother is loving
My mother is a great cook                   My mother is a reader
My mother is aged                                 My mother is kind
My mother is determined                    My mother is stubborn
My mother is wonderful                       My mother is sensitive
My mother is English                            My mother is special
My mother is gifted                              My mother is essential
My mother is happiness                     My mother is freckled

I love my mother so much and hope she feels better SOON!


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