Saturday, 2 January 2016


Attempting to order my vegetable seeds online this evening and I keep getting a server error which is most unsatisfactory.  The first time, I had entered the WHOLE ORDER and when I tried to send it - failure!  After that I tried a few items at a time, adding them to my shopping cart, and although all those attempts also failed, they weren't quite as gut wrenching as that first one! Lots of typing on this blessed laptop has gone to waste this evening, grrr!

However it was a nice day with a surprise lunch with my nephew and his new girlfriend and my parents and my son!  We went for a pub lunch.  It was nice to see the cousins visiting (my son and nephew), and it is always so apparent that mom and dad enjoy their family interludes to the max.  I know that both of them will be thinking back on today's lunch for several days.

This afternoon I shoveled several wheelbarrows full of composted horse manure over to the garden.  It was pleasant work in the sunshine, although it was chilly, the cold made the job easier because the ground is frozen solid.  It took a bit of chipping through the frozen surface of the compost heap to get things started, but once broken through it was easy digging and I attracted a chirpy cluster of little birds who wanted at the unearthed fresh ground.

That was my daily workout since I didn't get to the swimming pool today.  That is on the agenda for tomorrow morning.  First thing or else the odds of it happening diminish rapidly!

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