Friday, 1 January 2016

2016 Begins!

Tonight I feel like the Christmas season is now over.  Just came home from a visit to the young son's place over New years eve which we celebrated with a steak and prawn combined effort and resources supper followed by a game of Monopoly, shared with neighbors.  That was the final Holiday Season Happening on our calendar and now we can return to regular eating habits and sleep patterns.

It was a great holiday time spread over a couple of week period of family and friends getting together - lots of laughs and food and cheer. Music and a puzzle.  Sing a longs.   Skype calls with distant folks.  Cards and lunches and crackers and cheeses.  Our parents.    My kids and their loved ones.  Many dogs.  Guitars and a mandolin.  Family photos.  A sprinkling of snow, though not on Christmas day. Some freezing grey days where it rained non stop, but many days when the sun shone in a cloudless sky, and I worked out in the garden on those days, turning my face to the sun to enjoy its presence fully!

One of the raised beds is now planted with some lettuce, choys, kale and swiss chard with a mini hoophouse cover on it.  We'll see if that actually grows in the dead of winter.  I have continued my efforts to expand the garden within the fenced area we made last spring.  I have been laying heavy cardboard over the grass and overing it with a layer of soil, some of it was compost dug from the second horse manure pile left by the previous owners of the place and msome of it was soil from the existing garden area.  The compost pile is difficult to access when the ground gets saturated as the wheelbarrow tire just sinks in.  I laid boards out and ran along them which worked but was hard to keep the barrow on the boards and had a couple of spills, which were frustrating.

I dug up and replanted some of the onions that were seeded in 2014, then transplanted in 2015.  They have grown, mulitplied into tight clusters which can be broken up into several small clumps to plant.    
They were good cut for green onion last year, but still not showing signs of turning into big onions. But the lovely purple blooms were loved by the bees, so i planted some small clumps along each fenceline.

This growing season wil be the first Garden of Eatin' garden for market!  I am excited to see where that project goes this year. Ahead lies possibility and surprise and opportunity in every area of all of our lives.  I hope 2016 is good to us all!

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