Friday, 25 October 2013


Our one-dog-at-a-time doggy daycare is pretty busy these days.

Last week a golden retriever named Kooler practically fell into our laps.

He was being dog-sat by an acquaintance of ours who is from a business down the street, and she brought him into our shop knowing we have a soft spot for dogs.  Chuckles walks every day at lunch anyway, so he began going over to their shop and picking Kooler up at lunch time, taking him on a walk, then bringing him back to our shop to visit while we had lunch.  Then he would walk him back after we had our tanks topped up with doggy love. 

Kooler doing froggie yoga

Then the dog sitter asked if we would like to have Kooler for the weekend.  Hell yeah!  So Kooler and all his belongings were picked up last Friday night and we took him out to the country estate for a weekend of fun and frolick country style.  Hoping that all went well and there were no incidents that required veterinary attention.  After all, we don't even know who owns this dog!

Saturday was really a day of cleaning up from Chuckles hunting trip and the house full of company on Thanksgiving weekend.  I also baked a couple of apple pies with apples picked from the other apple tree, which conveniently ripens about a month behind the tree that is more out in the open.  So while I was indoors doing my thing, Kooler and Chuckles were busy outside, winterizing and covering the trailer and putting things back where they belonged.  I went out for a couple of hours and picked up branches that had come down over the last few weeks, from wind and weather.  Kooler just couldn't decide which stick was the best, and if I left my wheelbarrow unattended for a couple of minutes, he would practically empty it!

My wheelbarrow from which the sticks kept getting stolen

Spot the dog amongst the leaves

At last, early in the evening, he  laid down to sleep, after being busy all day.  For 15 minutes.   We had friends over for dinner, and when they arrived Kooler, Mr. Personality, was back in business!

Sunday we spent the day taking down some trees that were leaning precariously toward our house.  Kooler had to stay indoors while the trees were actually being cut down, where he stood at the French doors and whined and cried at seeing Chuckles out there without him.  Once the trees were on the ground though, both Kooler and I went out to help with the removal.  No little wheelbarrow for this job!  We hitched the trailer to the Sidekick and in no time had it filled to the brim. 

 Endless stick play

A load of branches

Kooler has gone back now, but Jacob is with me for the weekend, while his family is away.  He is sleeping beside my desk as I write this, but earlier he was laying out back, with his stick at the ready, in case a walk was imminent!  Our employee took him for a walk and ball play at the park at lunch, so he is getting plenty of fun and attention.  We are heading to the country estate tonight.

Jacob, ready with his stick

Jacob, wondering if I have a minute to play ball

We will have a huge bonfire, if the fog holds off, as we were unable to burn the trees last weekend with the dense fog that persisted.  I don't hold out much hope for this weekend either really as this week the fog has slithered into the harbour each evening enveloping the low lying areas.  We will see.

There is more painting to do, too.  When will it end?  I may tackle the hallway in between burning piles and doggy walks.  Or maybe start hanging some of our pictures, which are still in stacks leaned up around the living room.

Or maybe I will pull out my guitar and play, it hasn't been touched since all this moving business started.


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