Friday, 6 September 2013

Countdown to Moving Day

Moving day tomorrow!

Even though I thought we had moved most of our boxed type stuff early on in this process, when we were de-cluttering, seems that's not the case.

We have a sea of boxes - in the dining room, in the rec room, in the foyer.  Ah well, most of the packing is now done.

I have stupidly packed all my clothes except for today's (which you will be happy to know that I am wearing!!) and tomorrow's.  But, since we will be back at the city house on Sunday night, I really should have left a weeks worth of clothes here.  So, I will be bringing back some of the clothes that the movers are taking tomorrow!  Duh!

The moving company provided a checklist to follow, and although all of it is common sense stuff, it's pretty handy to have and I have been reviewing it periodically as it's been a long time since I moved.  In my mis-spent youth, which lasted mid-way into my 30's I moved quite a lot.  That is advantageous in that you don't tend to acquire and keep things except those that are absolutely necessary.  Now that it's been 17 years in one house, even though I am not a pack-rat personality, it's amazing the things that have found their way into little corners of closet, drawers and cupboards. 

The checklist has also been a very handy reminder of who to contact with address changes.  A few I would have overlooked, I am sure!

Anyway, tomorrow is the big day, and I just spoke to the movers to confirm details, so the fun begins at 8 o'clock in the morning, ready or not!

By the end of tomorrow, we will officially live here, and hopefully can sink into that hot tub behind the grape arbour!

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