Thursday, 16 April 2015

Potting Up

This week more of the seedlings started in the IGG have been potted ready to take home.  The Red Bull Horn Peppers and Butternut Squash plants were all large enough to transplant and make room for more lettuce and herbs in the IGG.

Chuckles Dad came by and took about half of each variety home with him for his garden in Pemberton, which is great, since I planted too many of each and was wondering how large this years garden would actually have to be to accommodate all the plants I have started!

I still have a dozen Ancho pepper plants in the IGG, they are much behind these fast growing pepper cousins of theirs! 

Also, sprouting in the IGG are four kinds of lettuce and a whole tray of basil - want to make at least twice as much pesto this year as well as drying a whole lot more of it, I am almost out of my dried basil and it is to die for, it is so tasty.

Two weeks ago I transplanted the cabbage and kale started in the IGG into the garden and put one of the hoop covers overtop, they seem to be thriving.  Beside them I have put a couple of rows of snap peas, seeded right into the ground and a row of ....something else...luckily I did write this down in my Garden Book, but I don t have that here with me right now.  I think it was some of the Choi seeds.

And, the cut up sprouting potatoes from the fridge have now emerged from the ground so we will have a little taste of fresh spuds in a couple of months. 

I am off to the island this weekend with Bogey to visit young son and his little menagerie of dogs, cat and chickens.  I hope the weather is good, I am taking my camera and my wetsuit and hope to get a little photography and boogie boarding in with the kids!

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