Thursday, 7 August 2014

Wedding Day Approaching Fast!




Workshop reno as seen through the corn patch

This summer has been busy, besides the workshop renovation, which is coming along, two other things have kept me on my toes.

Mid July my Mom and Dad moved from their condo on the sunshine coast to an independent living community near the country estate!  This is very exciting news!  On the sunshine coast they were a BC Ferries ride away from me, with the inherent line-ups, missed sailings, expensive fares and the completely inconvenient sailings times.  It was an effort to get over there to see them, and an effort for them to come over to see us, especially now that our home is an hour away from the ferry terminal.

Now I see them every week, and they are able to sleep in their own bed each night, rather than coming to visit and having to squeeze into a smaller bed.

Their move went pretty smoothly, all things considered.  My sister came to help with the final packing and unpacking and she was there to ensure the day the movers came to pick up the furniture there were no glitches.

We both were there for the unpacking and our goal was to get everything put away so their new space wasn't clutter with boxes.  Of course,most of it was no put where Mom and Dad wanted it, so here we are three weeks later and they are still looking for things, moving things and sorting out.  However, each day seems to be better, they are settling in and meeting people.  I think in a couple of months they will have developed a new routine and all will be well.

The finished horseshoe chair, in it's final resting place.  Remember back in November when I blogged about it here?

The other big thing is that my son Jason is getting married August 16th in our garden!  It has been a family affair getting things ready for that. 

Dad is painting signs to direct guests to the parking area out back.

We have painted, built, mowed, sewed and scrubbed our way towards the big day which is coming up very quickly now!
Jason, Julie and Chuck building stairs onto the lawn from the deck.

Julie, the bride to be, is making a lot of the food herself, bless her heart.  We have tailored the menu to keep it as simple as possible from a serving standpoint, while still showing off Julie's talents in the kitchen.

Chuck setting up the new barbeque


Lawn furniture and the old bathtub getting their paintjobs!
The bathtub is going to be filled with ice for bottled and canned drinks.  After the wedding it will become a planter as I mentioned in this previous blog.

My boys taking a break

Family relaxing in the shade

It is going to be an amazing wedding, small and intimate with 50 guests - close friends and family - in attendance.  Fingers crossed that this lovely weather holds, or at least comes back (a couple of days of rain would really freshen things up) by Aug 16th. 

Driveway garden in its current incarnation.

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